where God is.

I went for my first Gen Rev service last saturday, feeling all apprehensive about it. Have been mentioning about it to belinda for the past few months. But I am glad that I went for it. It was almost as though, I would never know what the promised land really is like unless I walked into it to experience it.

Being at Gen Rev service made me realise that when it’s time for me to move, I better move and be in the flow of God.

Having reached the end of self from standing for more than 8 hours a day I went on to think why am I so worn out, why am I not living the abundant life of labouring out of rest? Then I realised that I havent been running to God when I encounter an obstacle, I would go and rely on my self efforts, like running to the toilet to take a short nap instead of praying in tongues, which totally recharges me. I go one big round with my own self efforts then reach the end of self and then decide to run to God.

I’ve learnt. that running to God first, helps me to save time and of course, effort.

And for that, I am thankful that I can always run to Him, for every single mistake that I’ve made and for every single time that I’m tired and worn out.

Thank You, Daddy God.