We Are Righteous by Ian Yates

Recently in Solid Rock magazine, they featured this singer called Ian Yates, who wrote a song “We Are Righteous” after reading Destined to Reign. The song even has an extract of Pastor Prince speaking!

Extracted from his blog http://ianyatesmusic.blogspot.com/2010/09/we-are-righteous-song-story.html

“We Are Righteous” – Song Story

I wrote this song in Australia in January 2009 and we tweaked one line while recording the vocals. I was reading a book called Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince. The book just blew my mind! To read that we are the righteousness of God in Christ is an amazing thing, which I don’t think had ever sunk in! Sometimes we try so hard to do all the right things and then we mess up and we plead with God, or sometimes we just feel we’re not good enough. But we are! We are good enough because of Jesus, It’s not about what I do or not do, it’s all about what Jesus accomplished on the cross. The verse and chorus of the song are a declaration of who we are in Christ. Then the bridge lifts the song up a notch. For me the woah’s at the end are a powerful shout that all the rubbish and all the nonsense that we believed about ourselves is coming off! We are righteous because of what Jesus accomplished upon the cross! It’s truly amazing. Many of us need to know the awesome truth that we are righteous, that we are forgiven! We are completely loved and adored! My hope with this song is that it sets people free from the rubbish they have believed about themselves and helps them realise who they actually are.

Listen to “We Are Righteous” below

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