Brian Doerksen and the Prodigal God

Some of you may have heard of the book and DVD teachings called The Prodigal God by Tim Keller. (I have the book, ask me if you want to read.)

Recently, I stumbled upon another singer, called Brian Doerksen. He wrote some pretty good ol’ songs, like Come Now Is The Time To Worship, Refiner’s Fire. Recently, he released an album with pretty grace-like songs, such as No Condemnation, Enter The Rest of God etc. You can listen to him here

Interestingly, he also wrote a musical-CD called The Prodigal God

A few months ago, Doerksen discovered that an American pastor, Timothy Keller, had published a book called The Prodigal God. At first, Doerksen was discouraged.
Then he realized Keller’s theological book might pave the way for his own story on the same theme and prevent Christians from dismissing the musical as heretical.
“If God is starting to say something,” Doerksen said, “he will speak to several people. It means something is stirring.”
On the other hand, Doerksen hopes the title may sound provocative and heretical enough to attract some non-Christians to the show, where they might discover that the piece is really about “the heart of Christianity.”

Indeed, the ever extravagant, abundantly giving, gracious God is the heart of Christianity.