Hear the Gospel, the Power of God unto Salvation

by Pastor Benjamin Lim
Arrow Service
26 Feb 2011

How live under an open heaven

  • A key to unlock any favour, to be at right place right time

> Romans 1:16-17

  • The Gospel is the power, not any steps
  • Salvation: sozo: continuous, ever present. We are not just saved to be placed in heaven. We are saved to be heaven on earth.
  • We should not be ashamed.
  • We may be holy cows but powerful cows
  • Signs and wonders will confirm our gospel
  • When the power of God comes, it is supernaturally natural. It can be sensational but is not limited.

So what is the gospel?

  • Gospel = good news
  • Can only produce good
  • Righteousness exalt the nation
  • The internet is created to get the word out. Wherever the gospel goes, prosperity follows.
  • Eternal life does not begin when you die. It begins now. Salvation includes healing, prosperity, protection

> Gal 3:1-9

  • V2 faith = belief. Your believing comes by hearing.
  • V3 After we hear and believe, when Monday comes, we forget what we believe, we are depending on self-efforts and not God’s favour. In those moments, what is most important is what we believe. We cannot be make perfect by our self-effort
  • v5: God wants your life to be miraculous
  • How well you hear is how well you believe. The power of God is proportional to our faith. Faith is like the window, grace is like the Sun. How much the sonlight comes in depends on how big our window is.
  • Enlarge your faith by believing, and only need to believe by hearing. Not by self-efforts.
  • The most practical thing you can do: hear. You don’t need to work.
  • When we sin or meet a problem, the old nature of us will still make us feel guilty, but God wants you to believe you are the righteousness of God
  • In that moment, we don’t hear the gospel. We hear the music of the world. But we can’t change ourselves. It is not by self-effort, not by resisting, but by saying yes to Jesus by hearing.
  • We more we hear, the more supply, the more miracles.
  • We wonder why things happen. The only answer is Jesus. Don’t look at your situation, but look at the propitiation. You don’t need the pastor to preach about your need, but the seed
  • Don’t seek after answers. Seek Jesus.
  • Don’t just ask for wisdom. Jesus is your wisdom

What does the gospel reveal?

> Romans 1:17

  • HIS righteousness, not your unrighteousness
  • Not right doing, but as Jesus is, so am I
  • Nothing will separate you from his love
  • Grace is God coming down to us
  • Do you believe you are the righteousness of God?
  • The gospel is not you changing yourself, but God changing you
  • As you behold, you become.
  • As the demands come, if there is a greater demand, there is more supply. You are not tapping on yourself
  • When we forget our Daddy who backs us up, we feel stressed
  • When we know we have right standing, we will always have access to the throne of grace.

We should not be looking out for messages of “what should I do?”. Replace it with “what should I hear?”.

Not just from the pulpit but from movies and music.

Know your identity in the Lord. You cannot add or subtract.

You can try to do all ways, it is what the baby hears that puts her to rest. When you hear the good news,  things will be made right.

> Romans 5:17

  • Because of Adam’s sin, all have sinned. Our nature is a sinner, we can’t help but sin. But because of Jesus, we can’t help but be righteousness.
  • Crowned goodness: when God puts a crown, we are royalty. God wants us to reign as kings, the head and not the tail
  • How to release? By us receiving, active receiving, by listening and hearing

The paradox of grace and sowing

  • If everything is by grace, we don’t have to do anything, but we have to sow?
  • a farmer sows a seed and expect a harvest. But is it only the seed that brings the harvest? No, it’s the elements, the sun, the rain. Therefore, we can sow but doesn’t mean you will reap
  • We can sow academically, but it is the rain of his blessing on your seed that will bring a harvest
  • If it’s our act of sowing that brings a harvest, it will be a chore, a stockmarket, a bargain.

> Joel 2:21-27

  • The threshing floor full of wheat, overflow with new wine and oil
  • Its not the farmer sowing
  • V23: But WHEN HE sends the rain.
  • Former rain: in Hebrew: mowreh the teacher of righteousness
  • Latter rain: the king’s favour (cf Prov 15:15)
  • The rain is Jesus righteousness and his favour! Cf the gift of righteous and grace in Romans 5:17
  • You can sow, pray, you can study but they don’t bring results. Its not your sowing or praying or fasting or  giving that brings results. But it is how right we are and his rain that brings blessings!
  • V25: God wants to restore what the enemy has stolen
  • V26: you will always have more than enough
  • You will never be put to shame, condemnation shall be no more, hence you will not be ashamed!

If God has blessed you, no one can unbless you. Don’t worry about the rest, seek his righteousness and ALL shall be added. Do not need to worry about your future or life partner. God will be there with his supply. Your paths drip with abundance.