Look Away From Self, Look Outward To Jesus

(Ome: Hey Beloveds!

I’m here with the verses and what I caught from Pastor’s recorded sermon two weeks ago. Sorry for lateness! Been on school work round the clock for the past week, and also Pastor’s broadcasts from Lakewood having been on my mind. What a feast we had last Sunday Amen? To attend NewCre service and listen to Pastor Lian’s sermon, and to attend extra services by joining Pastor from back here as he preached at Lakewood. Wow! Doesn’t come by often!

So in this sermon, Pastor shared once again on law and grace, and how Christianity is all about Jesus. It’s not about how good you are, how pleasing to God you are, but all about how good Jesus is, how pleasing Jesus is to God. As He is, so are you in this world!

I pray that the Lord Himself will speak to you fresh revelation of Himself, His grace and the cross as you read this sermon notes. He is our divine Servant, feeding us with the truth of His grace and His finished work!

Blessed week!)

23 October Sunday Service

Preached by Pastor Prince

2nd Service

Verses from the sermon:

Acts 4:33-34

33And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all. 34Nor was there anyone among them who lacked; for all who were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold,

2 Corinthians 3:5-7

5Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, 6who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 7But if the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which glory was passing away,

Romans 6:14

14For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.

Colossians 2:14-15

14having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. 15Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

Ephesians 1:7

7In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace

Key take-home points:

  • The early church had great power manifest in their midst, because great grace was prevalent. Let the word of grace be prevalent in our church, and we will be a church with great power, the power giving witness to Jesus, His finished work and His resurrection!
  • The law demands, grace supplies. When you put demands on yourself, you are under the law. When you expect something from yourself, you are under the law. There may be demands placed on us, be it from our lecturers, from our groupmates, from our boss, from our spouse, but the wisest thing we can do is to direct the demands to Jesus. Have this mindset: God will supply me what I don’t have.
  • Long before Satan can steal from you, you have to receive his accusation. His accusations come in two flavours: he either accuses you of doing wrong, or when you do right, he accuses you of not doing right enough. So when you reject his accusation, you are denying him the right to come in and mess up your life!
  • Christianity is not about introspection. Christianity is about looking outward to Jesus. Satan wants you focused on you, but God wants you focused on Jesus. When you look at yourself in the natural, you will find flaws, imperfections, and you will end up in despair. There is no hope in self. The only hope there is, is in Jesus. When you look at Jesus, every way you look at Him, He is altogether lovely, and as you behold Him, you are transformed effortlessly into His image, from glory to glory!