How to play those difficult guitar chords 

Hello! With the request of Alicia, here’s a quick guide on how to play those difficult chords. Note that for each song, there is a base key (1st), and the other chords are usually the 4th major, 5th major, and the 6th minor. Of course, if you have a capo, things are easier.

E Major Key:
E major songs are really nice. The chords are A (4th), B (5th), and C#m (6th).

E: x221xx
(i.e. 1st string: empty, 2nd string: 2nd fret, 3rd string: 2nd fret, 4th string: 1st fret, 5th string: empty, 6th string: empty)

A: xx22xx or xx222x

B (open): x244xx (middle finger is not touching anything)
Contrast this to the B bar chord in the B major later.

C#m: x466xx (middle finger is not touching anything)
(Simply slide from B to C#m by 2 frets down, same finger configuration)


F Major Key:
F major is usually harder to play as the fingers are a bit weird. The chords are F, Bb, C and Dm.

F: xx3211 (Use your index finger to press the last 2 strings, try to play the last 4 strings only)

Bb: xxx331 (play the last 3 strings only)

C: x32x1x

Dm: xxx231


A major: A, D, E, F#m

A: xx22xx or xx222x

D: xxx232 (sorry no picture for this one)

E: x221xx

F#m: x442xx (my own cheating method without using bar chord. only works nice for A-key and E-key songs. middle finger is not touching anything.)

B major: The hardest of all I think. B, E, F#, G#m
B: 224422 (bar chord version)

E: x221xx

F#: 244322 (bar chord version)
G#m: 466444 (middle finger is not touching for minor, bar chord version)
Hope that helps. Actually if you notice, bar chords have a pattern. You can slide up and down and they will form new keys. Try that with the F# bar chord version, slide down the frets, and you will get G#, A, B, C etc.