More than enough

Even though we had to sit in the overflow and didn’t seem to make any real impacts apart from experiencing some very persistent chill from the air con, it was great going for service as a caregroup. Many a times, I don’t thank God enough for you guys and thank you guys for, well, you guys. So, for this Youth Day, I am going to give thanks for you guys (in no order of preference and sorry if I forgot you, I’m only human).

For mh, for always being so real about your challenges and your failings and never forgetting to thank God when He comes through.
For kf, for never being afraid to ask questions and share your heart.
For tb, for always being so engaged in the sermon. You encourage me to press in and stop being distracted.
For Colin, for freely serving God by blessing us with the many creative talents that God has placed in your life. You avail yourself to receiving more when you give.
For Jonah, your reliable strong arms (very important) and always being willing to help and not complaining when you are helping.
For Cecilia, for all the times you led us into the Holy of Holies and for helping me with the database sometimes (thereby encouraging my laziness)
For Bennie, for openly sharing with us even though you have only been here for a short while.
For Alicia, for your energy and your infective laughter (and of course, letting me call you dancing queen)
For Penny, for being involved even when you are always somewhere else and letting your life be a testament to the grace and favour that is poured forth by Jesus’ finished work.
For Ome, for your teachable heart that is open to receive. and God surely fills with more than enough.
For Sumitro, for sharing your journey with me and I am very encouraged to see how God has grown and expanded you (more to come).
For Belinda, for someone I can share everything with and being willing to follow even when your flesh violently fights against it.
For Helen, for entertaining my only occasional stupid antics and availing yourself to lead worship even when I always ask for songs you don’t know how to play. (its me, not you). and your never ending supply of sweets for service.

As I always say, it is my privilege to walk this journey with you and I thank God that I never have to pretend to be someone I’m not when I’m with you guys.

Why is everyone hungry for more? “More, more,” they say.
“More, more.”
I have God’s more-than-enough,
More joy in one ordinary day
Psalm 4:6-7 (The Message)