Zone Musical!

Dear beloveds,

Get excited for our 1st Zone Evangelistic Musical! It is in 2 weeks time!!

This is an awesome opportunity to sow seeds of salvation and see many souls born again. Trust God to show you at least one person (aged between 13-29 years old) to invite. Let us PRAY in the Spirit, ASK GOD for BOLDNESS to invite our unsaved friends and family members, and FAVOR that they will come and be saved!

Apart from praying in tongues, asking God for favour and wisdom to invite your friends, here are some advertisement tips you can use to invite them to come:
1. Put the ‘Fallen The Musical’ poster as your profile picture on Facebook & msn. (see attached)
2. Invite friends by emailing them with the ‘Fallen The Musical’ poster attached.
3. Email the ‘Fallen The Musical’ Facebook link to them,
4. Give out the ‘Fallen The Musical’ postcards, handed out at the last combined Zone service, to your friends.

Lastly, in order to accommodate as many unsaved youths as possible at each date/ timing, pls try to attend according to the youth group allocation (see below):
• 27th Aug Fri, 8pm – 10pm (for GenRev & Arrow Poly, ITE & Varsity)
• 28th Aug Sat, 3pm – 5pm (for Dare & Arrow JC)

Looking forward to seeing a revival in the Zone!!

Be blessed!