Vision: The Language of Faith (2 Apr)

Ps Benjamin Lim

  • Our God is a rewarder of faith.
  • Jesus has paid for everything that we need in this life on the cross
  • We need to stretch out your hand and receive all the rain of blessings

Sometimes we speak in tongues or take holy communion and we feel its ritualistic. That’s when the revelation begins to dwindle.

> Acts 2:17-21

  • God has a plan for the endtime generation.
  • Before we want to change our situation, we have to change our inner vision
  • If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible
  • Vision will begin the appropriate action to change the situation. Especially in times of failure and mistakes.

> Hab 2:1-4

  • Write out your vision!
  • I want to work in Hollywood!
  • The action comes after your vision.
  • I can’t my situation with my actions but I can change it with my vision

> Heb 11:1-3

  • Be specific in your vision. That is faith
  • Faith is the substance, title deed, shopping vouchers, of the things hoped for

> Hab 2:3-4

  • it’s not your part to fulfill the vision
  • But it will surely come!
  • God loves it when you dare him!
  • Write down the specific qualities that you are looking for.
  • “I am pregnant with a vision”
  • Put a verse on it: you are the head and not the tail!

> Gen 30:25-43

  • Don’t look at your scars, look at the stars. A new picture on your heart
  • V27 God has blessed Laban because of Jacob
  • V33 Jesus righteousness, the lamb, will answer for you.
  • Laban took all the good goats away.
  • V38 when you drink from the word of God, you will conceive the visions for the future.
  • V39-40 the pure breed is producing the spotted lambs whenever they see striped branches
  • V43 Jacob became extremely prosperous
  • Jacob made his flock see the striped branches? No it was for Jacob to see the vision.

> Gen 31:1-13

  • V10 he saw in a dream, a night vision, from the Lord
  • V11 angel of the Lord: Jesus.
  • Joseph was born before all these: Joseph = the lord will add
  • God is the finisher of  vision
  • Stop seeing yourself as zero, God wants you to be hero
  • God did not appear to Jacob directly like Isaac or Abraham
  • V13 God of bethel: house of God. God will give you vision in a church, filled with the anointing of God
  • Jacob had a dream of Bethel where the angels go up and down on Jacob’s ladder (Gen 13:10-22)
  • The angels are going up with your poverty and bringing down the prosperity!
  • The church that preaches Jesus is anointed: John 1:51. Jesus is Jacob’s ladder, bringing up your sins, bringing down your blessings!
  • When you hear the cross, fresh vision comes to your life
  • Gen 31:13: Jacob made a vow earlier, the tithing principle in Gen 28:22. We tithe because He is alive! He will open the windows of heaven! (Malachi)
  • Jacob is a tither, who knows The Ladder, in the House of God

Don’t read the bible in Hebrew or Greek. Read in the holy spirit.

> Gen 13:10-18

  • The first time God asked Abraham to visualize
  • If you can see the invisible you can do the impossible
  • Lift up your eyes and you will see.
  • Vision comes before action. Right believing leads to right living.
  • V14: northward South East West: the cross!
  • why some believers cannot see? V14 After Lot separated from him. Lot = veil. After the veil is removed, the vision comes
  • Who are veiled?

> 2 Cor 3:12-18 When Moses is read, the veil remains. By the old covenant, the do

  • Enjoy the blessing, which cannot be effective if your mind is veiled with you having to do.
  • The transformation comes when the vision is clear (v18)
  • When the veil is lifted, transformation comes!
  • Cast out the borne woman!

> Gen 13:10-18

  • Lot, a veiled believer, saw only is Jordan, Sodom and Gomorrah, i.e.  judgement. If you see judgement, it will come. If you do good, then get good
  • V12  vs v18  Abraham built an altar. There is no worship for veiled believer. It is not you, it is Jesus.
  • V18 Mamre: rebel, bitterness or strength of fatness, the fatted calf. Your rebellion AND his sacrifice brings the blessings and vision. That tree of Mamre is the cross, he took your rebellion and sacrificed so that your blessings can be yes and amen.  You can’t lift your feet until you lift your eyes. There can be no worship until you see the cross. Hebron: fellowship with God only when no condemnation, no separation.

The cross will add!