Here’s an interesting blog post about healing in church by stillhaventfound, a member of our church:

At Church

The past two Sundays (15th and 22nd August), I prayed for about 5 people in total from New Creation and all of them (at least according to what they said) received healing or felt better in one way or another. Approaching church people and Christians is easy because you know they’ll definitely be open to receive prayer. Of course most probably don’t actually expect anything to happen when you pray!

On 15th August, I entered the service, saw wheelchairs and thought I’m going to pray for these people after service if I have the opportunity – I didn’t have the opportunity later as I was praying for someone at the end of the service. During the time when the invitation to receive Jesus was given – a time when some people leave – I saw a lady leave the auditorium limping. I hesitated for a while then just left my seat and ran out to approach her. I prayed for her and commanded pain to leave her shoulder and it did. We exchanged information and I’m hoping to visit her house with my friends to continue to pray for her and her family. Later in the evening I approached another lady limping and using an umbrella as a walking stick to walk. I found out she was an usher from New Creation and I commanded pain to leave her knee till it left and she was able to walk much better – without using the umbrella.

And last Sunday (22nd August), I prayed for a lady on wheelchair recovering from a broken/fractured ankle in a cast. She didn’t really have pain unless she moved her foot at some positions. After prayer, I got her to try moving it to see if there is any pain and she said she couldn’t feel any pain anymore. I approached a guy carrying a Rock bookstore plastic bag who was limping in the MRT. While waiting for the train, he shared with me his physical problems resulting from an accident years ago. One of his legs was very slightly shorter than the other and so I got him to sit down and stretch forth both legs and I commanded the left to grow. I believe I saw it grow, though I told him to go back and confirm that with me. I also prayed for his right leg that had many problems. We exchanged contacts and so I’ll follow up with him.