HM 2010 

Hello caregroupies,

thank you for a great camp. many enjoyable and funny moments. which i will one day tell people who wont even know you.

the last night where TB ignoring Helen’s question on whether the cup noodle was salty enough after she opened the packaging, boiled the water, poured it in, “cooked” it and handed the noodle to him. He didnt even hear her.

at the theme park where Colin, TB, Helen, Jonah and I were in the tea cup spinning our lives away. Till today, we still swear that the tea cup was going up and down. true story. and the loooooooong and tall bridge that was patched up with drain metal casings.

and Jonah who somehow manages to not be able to understand the rules of every single game we play.

and Alicia who kindly offered me the outside layer of her bun and ate the inside of mine because i like the outside and am neutral about the inside

of course not forgetting the guys who always help everyone to take soup, smoked salmon and tea.

we wont mention the names of the 2 specific people who are always hungry and manage to fill our table with plates and plates of food.

and thanks Colin for all the photos. im still curious as to how the chocolate mousse turned out in the photo.

and the “interesting” talk the girls had during the cluster breakout session

also, KF who joined us whenever he could and played stupid games with us

and helen who always entertains my wonderful ideas and for the sago-watermelon seed battle

and belinda who fell ill but still stayed up to join us till 6am on the last night.

well, the best moment was when Ome turned up with Coach Gary and Coach Lewis on the first night and we had to disband our “illegal” gathering. honestly, i was very tempted to pretend that we weren’t in the room.

and the precious close to 3 hours of worshipping while waiting for our coach. thanks to helen for the guitar and colin for the ukelele.

I assume that the photos will be up on facebook swifter than i can type this post. I will be posting my post-meditated sermon notes up on this page soon. and i would like for you guys to ask God to give you a verse to mediate upon that corresponds to the drawing you did in the afternoon. and if you would like to share, we will talk about it again during next CG!