Hey guys, I wanted to share how the Grace and Favour of Jesus surrounds us like a shield, which I experience tangibly in the hectic but blessed 2 days last week.

Monday 4/4/11:
Pastor Benjamin preached about visualization during Arrow, which I found to be very apt as I had my driving test on the following Monday. My original plan was to let my friend print my poster for me on Monday while I concentrate on the driving test. However, it was not to be. (on retrospect, I thank God that He had allowed “unexpected circumstances” to occur to bless us further! More on that later) My supervisor requested an urgent meeting with me to make some (very last min) changes to my poster. I thank God that the Holy Spirit prompted me not to skip lecture, which I would have and gone ahead to print the poster if I did not heed. This would leave me in a bad situation of going back to school when I was halfway travelling to Sunshine Plaza.
As the poster had to be put up by Tuesday 11am, my natural self panicked as I was contemplating on how to edit the (many) changes for the poster and get it ready by Tuesday, while taking my driving test. In the end, I told my friend that I would print the edited poster myself, which I myself was not sure how this process is going to take place.
I had to depend on Jesus to walk with me through the valley, literally every step of the way. I went for my driving test, and managed to put Pastor’s visualization to practice. After a long 3 hr, I finally managed to obtain a Class 3 driving license. 😀 Praise Jesus. The 2nd test was much better than my 1st test (the former, 14 points while the latter 30 points!), which was a miracle by itself as I could have failed many times along the main street (Eunos link, very congested and the route was much longer). In fact, the 2nd test was much harder in the natural compared to the 1st test but thank Jesus that He exceeds the natural.
When I reached home, it was already close to 6, which I knew I could not make it to Sunshine Plaza on time to get my poster printed, which the majority of my friends have already done so. Hence, I spend the night editing the proposed changes for my poster.
Tuesday 5/4/11:
Woke up early and went to the printer shop at Sunshine Plaza. The shop that I went to was not open yet, which made me panic as I was told that it was open by 9am. (the sign in fact said 10.30am!) As I pondered on my next option, thank Jesus that there was another shop open (Ben’s quick printing). It only took ½ hr to print and by the time it was ready, it was around 10 a.m, which still allowed me to reach the Kent Ridge Guild Hall on time (by 11 a.m.). Literally the last min worker, I had reached the place, contented that everything was settled and that I had put in my best for this poster. I went for a relaxing tour with some of my classmates in a class outing to HPB, ate Thai Express at Tiong Bahru leisurely. While I was prepared to take a rest after such a long day, I checked my email and was surprised to see an official email informing me that my poster had been one of the 4 shortlisted as potential winners! It really is by the grace and favour of God (on hindsight, it was good that my supervisor called me back to edit my poster!). Although ultimately I did not get the top 2, I know that it is sufficient —I had experienced the blessing of Jesus tangibly. ?
(Found out much later that I was the first in my supervisor’s group to break the curse by being shortlisted— Indeed Jesus has redeemed me from all curses)